Early detection of breast cancer via app: „DearMamma“ improves women’s healthcare in threshold countries

Early detection of breast cancer via app: „DearMamma“ improves women’s healthcare in threshold countries

Zurich, 3 October 2018 – The Swiss organisation THE DEAR FOUNDATION created with TAKEPART an app for the early detection of breast cancer particularly aimed at women in treshold countries. „DearMamma“ offers general information on cancer, a tutorial for self-examination and a section to collect and compare examination results. The audio-visual content is also accessible for illiterate women.

THE DEAR FOUNDATION’s „DearMamma“ app was developed by the German media production company TAKEPART and officially released in October 2018. Two premises were essential in its development: the early detection of breast cancer lowers cancer mortality significantly. And: over five million women worldwide are illiterate and can neither read nor write. This leads to special requirements of the app: the complete text content can be read aloud in five different languages – English, French, Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish. Much of the information is illustrated through videos, as the tutorial for self-examination.  The app can therefore not only be used internationally but also education-independently.

The app is parted in four blocks: „Why Care“ informs on general facts as well as stories. „Self Check“ shows the medically correct breast self-examination – which users can directly practice themselves through the mirror function. The results are automatically saved in the app and can be compared over time in „I Care“. In the section „Changes“ women find information relevant in the case they see or feel anomalies: “Keep calm and check again in two weeks – most changes are not dangerous. If the problem persists, go see a medic”.

The „DearMamma“ app was created by the DEAR FOUNDATION and TAKEPART Media + Science GmbH in collaboration with art tempi communications und Seracom and is compatible with Android after Jelly Bean. It is part of the DearMamma breast cancer awareness campaign and accompanied by a film and a website.

TAKEPART Media + Science GmbH has over 15 years of experience in healthcare media production. The company develops educational films, websites, mobile apps and communication platforms on a wide variety of medical topics. The cross-media approach visualizes complex medical issues in layman’s terms and images and aims to stimulate new perspectives and ideas. TAKEPART is experienced in creating films used within the clinical aspect of studies. All projects reflect the very latest clinical practice guidelines. If directly affected, friends and relatives or health professionals, centre of the work is always the person.



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